Environmentally Focused

Matick Auto Wash was designed around being one of the most environmentally-friendly car washes in the United States.  Many environmental design elements were included when we constructed our campus.

Our campus was chosen to replace an abandoned, blighted brownfield property.  Contamination was remediated from the site after years of use as a Goodyear oil change operation.  When we were designing our building and campus we wanted to focus on a clean, well-lit and welcoming environment.  Generous open space was created with large landscaped areas and outdoor patio space for guest comfort.  We added a substantial number of trees and greenspaces through the property.

The focus with any car wash however must be its use of water.  We incorporated a highly complex water reclamation and purification system consisting of 8 underground storage tanks, pumps and a reverse osmosis system for purification.  90% of the water needs for the tunnel are fed by recycled, clean water.

Consideration was given towards light pollution through the use of dark sky compliant site and building lighting fixtures.  All the site lighting is LED-driven reducing our energy consumption.  Additionally, daylighting and access to views was critical in the design of our facility.  An abundance of low-e, energy efficient glass and glazing around the perimeter of the building permits this access to views and daylight.

We reduced the heat island effect by providing a white roof material with a very high SRI (Solar Reflective Index), which leads to use consuming less energy to heat and cool our facility.